Travis Fordum

Travis is The Strangers' very own superhero, helping the group fight threats strange and mundane. He is also a leader of the Strangers, along with Madoc Araene and Snake Bites Once.

Physical Description

Travis is very attractive, with short sandy blond hair, radiant blue eyes, fair skin, and a gymnast's build. He's about 5’10” and 165 lbs. When in his super hero costume, he wears a dark cloak with a hood. The cloak has golden tassels and a blue jade broach/clasp at his neck. Beneath the cloak, he has jeans and a t shirt. He always wears Vans sneakers, which are occasionally visible from under the cloak.


He's talkative, friendly, but also kind of inane and boring. Travis usually lacks intellectual insight, but empathizes well.


Travis obsessively makes sure all his clothing, hair, and other elements of physical appearance are in order. He also exercizes and showers frequently.

Known History

Based on his linguistic skills and superpowers, it seems that Travis if from a modern-day Earth-type reality with superpowers.

Known Skills and Abilities

Travis' primary abilities are a wide collection of superpowers he uses in combat to aid Strangers endeavors. He has not displayed any other major skills otherwise.


Travis is a fluent native speaker of English, and has a little understanding of Lingua.

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Name Travis Fordum
Species Human
Status Leader (4)
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