Tay Daemegil

The Strangers' oldest member and practitioner of deadly Elven magics.

Physical Description

Tay looks to be young for an Elf, but that belies his true age. He's 5’10” in height and has a lithe build, pale skin, and sliver/grey hair and eyes. He typically wears a full suit of black leather armor, including gloves. He also wears a dark grey tunic and his long hair is held back by a bandana of the same color.


Tay tends to be self confident to the point of arrogance most of the time, but he is also usually willing to use his skills to help out. He will always help a woman in need, although he will shamelessly flirt with them while doing so. He also values the traditional one-on-one “duel” type of fighting, but he’s also aware that some foes are beyond his skill alone. Tay can also have a bit of a ghoulish sense of humor.


Tay usually keeps himself busy throughout the day, working on various alchemical projects.

Known History

He appears to come from some sort of fantasy-based reality where English is the primary language. He is also married to Ssin'urn Elghinn, and has a child named Jade from the marriage.

Known Skills and Abilities

Tay is talented with a sword, but his primary skills lie in alchemy and magic.


Tay is a fluent native speaker of English, though he has a strange accent that blends British and Latin. He also speaks a fair amount of Elven and Dark Elven. Tay currently understands only a little Lingua.

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Name Tay Daemegil
Species Elf
Status Senior Member (3)
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