Synop Lubs

The strange little man who calls himself a Sullustan wields dangerous high-tech weapons and knows his way around a steering wheel as well.

Physical Description

A short humanoid with grey skin, Synop also has a big round head. He's bald, and also features a hefty set of cheek flaps, big ears, and big black eyes.


Synop can occasionally be stand-offish and stubborn, especially when dealing with Humans. However, he's usually willing to work with just about anybody who's not trying to be "in charge". Otherwise, he seems to be happy to share a drink with just about anybody.


The short Sullustan likes to tinker around with things, and otherwise seems to spend most of his time casually drinking.

Known History

Synop's history is generally unknown, though he does seem to be from some sort of high-tech reality.

Known Skills and Abilities

Synop has demonstrated his skills using various energy-projecting firearms.


Synop has very recently picked up the ability to speak broken English.

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Name Synop Lubs
Species [[[Sullustan]
Status Unknown (0)
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