Ssin’Urn Elghinn

This medieval warrior lends might and steel to The Strangers, and prefers to be called Sin.

Physical Description

Ssin’Urn Elghinn is a Human woman with light skin and piercing blue eyes. Her dark blonde hair falls just behind her shoulder blades, though it is usually tied up into a ponytail. Her body is toned, but still within the bounds of being athletic rather than muscular. She usually wears black chainmail under a black-and-red tunic, with matching gloves and boots. Ssin'Urn typically carries a dagger and shield as well.


She is frequently seen as cool and confident, but that can swing either way depending on who she's with. In most cases though, Sin is usually on guard both physically and personally.


Sin takes great care on her physical condition, as well as that of her equipment. When in a home situation, she also tends to its domestic upkeep.

Known History

Based on her linguistic skills and background, she seems to be from a high-magic reality where English is the primary language. Sin is married to Tay Daemegil and has a child named Jade from the marriage.

Known Skills and Abilities

Ssin'Urn is an adept fighter with a blade and shield. But beyond that, she also seems to fight with great intelligence and cunning.


Sin speaks English natively, though with a strange accent that blends Earth-British and Latin. She also understands a little Lingua.

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Name Ssin’Urn Elghinn
Species Human
Rank Associate (1)
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