Snake Bites Once

Snake is a blind ronin, selling her sword skills for the profit of The Strangers. She is also one of the three leaders of the group, along with Madoc Araene and Travis Fordum.

Physical Description

Snake is a slightly underfed Human woman of Asian descent. She has raggedly-cut black hair to just above the shoulders. Snake usually wears a white kimono or occasionally a black shirt and loose black pants made of a satiny material with a yellow sash around her waist. The shirt has a patch on one arm - a crane and an orchid blossom. Regardless of her clothing, her high-quality daisho is always with her, either tied around her waist or carried by hand. She also wears a strip of cloth tied over her eyes.


Snake Bites Once can be described as calm, methodical, and exacting. She does have a sense of humor and is sociable when appropriate, but serious when on the job. Snake is also known to be adaptable and flexible.


She can usually be seen hanging out in various eating establishments, calmly watching the world go by. Snake also spends a lot of time in the Exchange Street Warehouse practicing her sword skills.

Known History

Based on her linguistic skills, it would seem that she comes from an Earth-like reality where English was the dominant language.

Known Skills and Abilities

Snake Bites Once is first and foremost a master combatant with the use of swords. She also seems to possess a small amount of tailoring skill.


Snake Bites Once is a fluent native speaker of English, and understands a small amount of Lingua.

Name Snake Bites Once
Species Human
Rank Leader (4)
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