This Vulcan doctor lends his skills and unique perspective to the Strangers, even though they might not mesh well with Nexus at all times.

Physical Description

Standing at 6'4" and weighing 174 pounds, Sho'katlan is a typical Vulcan in many respects. However there are technological implants along his left eye brow that wrap around to the back center of his head. Sho'katlan's skin is tan, with a slight ting of green under his skin; he also has medium-length black hair. His pointed ears resemble that of an Elf, which he can be easily mistaken for. He normally wears his Starfleet-issue blue uniform. His rank is identified by the pips he still wears on his neck, Lieutenant Commander.


Sho'katlan comes off as matter of fact and cold, and is very even and calm even in stressful situations. He can have a tendency to come off as superior and all-knowing. However, he is very kind and willing to help.


The Vulcan eats a strict vegetarian diet, and tends to small portions and exercise after eating. His mornings are filled with ritual and prayer, while the rest of his days are consumed in reading and practicing the science of medicine.

Known History

His history is generally unknown, other than coming from a high-tech futuristic reality.

Known Skills and Abilities

Sho'katlan is an accomplished doctor in his home reality, and a pretty decent shot with his energy pistol.


Sho'katlan is a fluent speaker of English.

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Name Sho'katlan
Species Vulcan
Status Unknown (0)
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