Sean Archer

Sean Archer is The Strangers' resident investigator and alcoholic.

Physical Description

Sean used to have pale skin and black hair. His green eyes stood out, but now they are dull and dark. He dresses in a shabby double-breasted suit when he has a meeting; otherwise he dresses in modern business casual. Even though he’s only 35, it’s been a rough couple of years. Bags under his eyes and skin worn by worry and guilt give him an air of sickness and desperation. Alcohol has given his skin a slight yellow tinge and self-hate added salt to his black hair.


Sean’s a cynic. He's dark, he's mad, and he's carrying around a lot of trauma with him. The liquor doesn't help either, but it seems natural to him.


Sean works a lot. He also obsesses over his digital camera a lot, and frequently takes pictures of things most people would consider beneath their notice.

Known History

Based on his linguistic and technical skills, it seems that Sean is from a modern-day Earth-like reality.

Known Skills and Abilities

Sean is an excellent detective, and is also pretty handy with a pistol.


Sean is a fluent native speaker of English, though he often rants and raves. He also has a little understanding of Lingua.

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Name Sean Archer
Species Human
Title Member (2)
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