Rixarax Mozart

The Strangers' dragon is a terrifying, large beast, but also strangely child-like.

Physical Description

Rixarax Mozart is about the size of a truck, bright red, and covered in deadly, deadly spikes. Little flicks of gold dot his skin like in a calico pattern and accent his golden eyes. Even for a dragon, Rixarax is built like a powerhouse, and he is easily intimidating. The temperature near him is also noticeably warmer.

However, Rixarax is an able shapeshifter, and can often be seen in human form. His preferred human appearance is equally muscular, and tends to be colored similarly to his natural form.


Rixarax is generally a nice dragon. He's also pretty enthusiastic and curious. On many occasions, he even comes off as a little child-like.


He sleeps a lot in the back of the Exchange Street Warehouse. He's also pretty enthusiastic about trash day. When he has the opportunity, Rixarax also enjoys a good game of canasta.

Known History

Based on his language skills, Rixarax appears to be from a fantasy-based reality that speaks English.

Known Skills and Abilities

Rixarax has not displayed any notable skills, but he has a wide array of inborn draconic abilities like fire-breathing, flight, and an understanding of magic.


Rixarax is a fluent native speaker of both English and Elven. He knows a little Lingua as well.

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Name Rixarax Mozart
Species Dragon
Status Member (2)
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