Recruitment Policy

This Nexus: the Infinite City game thrives on having a large, active player base and is always looking for more. If you believe you would fit well into the game, please feel free to contact the GM at moc.liamg|nebehfua#moc.liamg|nebehfua.

In order to get into a recruitment group, you must email the GM.

Here are the things you will need in order to get into the next recruitment group:

  • A digital copy of the character sheet for the character you wish to bring into the game
  • A gmail account with the character's name as the username for the gmail account (please see the guide How to merge gmail accounts)
  • A completed copy of the Character Questionnaire, available here.

Once the GM receives the character sheet via the character's gmail account, it will be converted via the guidelines in the Guide to character conversion.

Characters from just about any system or setting can be brought into the game, but the GM is particularly interested in certain characters at this time. Feel free to check the GM's Character Wishlist. You will not be denied entry into this game if your character does not belong to something listed on the wish list.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to get into this game, you much be vouched for by a player who has been in the game for at least six months and approved by the GM.

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