Plan of Attack

Combat is a regular part of life in Nexus, especially for Enforcers like The Strangers. The role-playing game has many established rules for how to run these violent encounters, but the PBeM format of this game requires special care in adjudicating combat. Since the standard posting order doesn't fit with Nexus' initiative system and players are meant to be as mechanics-blind as possible in this game, the GM runs all combats on his own. Players dictate their characters' actions in combat with a Plan of Attack.

A Plan of Attack has the following format:

Nexus: the Infinite City
Plan of Attack



Default Action:

Contingency 1:

Contingency 2:

Contingency n:

When submitting a Plan of Attack, players should fill in their character's name in the Name: field and that combat's assigned name in the Battle: field.

A character's Default Action should be their standard action in the upcoming combat. A standard default action for most combats is "I attack the nearest enemy with my w," where w defines the weapon the character is using for the attack.

Contingencies are optional actions a character will perform if an indicated condition is met. Contingencies should be thought of as if/then statements. Each character has a number (n) of Contingencies they can file in a Plan of Attack equal to their Intelligence + Tactics (or synonymous) skill.

Here is a list of sample/common Contingencies:

  • If attacked in melee, then I will parry (note: parrying will automatically be done with whatever weapon is already drawn; since it is a reflexive action, you cannot specify which weapon you parry with unless the character dual-wields).
  • If attacked in ranged combat, then I dodge (note: you can also dodge in melee combat, but there is a penalty for doing so).
  • If Seriously Injured (characters are defined as Seriously Injured if they have received 60% of their Wounds), I retreat from combat.
  • If Critically Injured (characters are defined as Critically Injured if they have received 100% of their Wounds), I attempt First Aid.
  • If an ally is being attacked by multiple enemies and I am not currently engaged, then I will engage one of the ally's enemies.

Contingencies are processed in their numerical order; that is, if the if contingency of Contingency 1 is not met, then its then action is ignored, and Contingency 2 is processed, and so on. If none of a character's Contingencies are met when it is their turn to act, then they will perform their Default Action.

A Plan of Attack should always be filed in .doc format and attached to to an email to the GM (and only the GM).

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