Peter Cupric

This Human/Fae crossbreed joined The Strangers and brought with him a talent for getting into and out of trouble.

Physical Description

Peter is a scruffy, dark-haired, olive-skinned, green-eyed man of the artistic sort. He dresses in thrift store chic and is fond of his blue-green sports jacket and fingerless gloves. Strangely, Peter's skin tone seems to change depending on what reality he's in; it varies from the normal olive-tone to a metallic copper. He also frequently smells like apple blossoms and ozone.


The young Human is very outgoing and interested in talking to whomever he comes across. While very gregarious, he also has a tendency for mood swings and tends to avoid anything remotely boring.


Peter enjoys playing and practicing music, and spends a good portion of his time in various Angel City clubs as part of the scene.

Known History

His history is largely unknown, aside from coming from coming from an English-speaking part of an Earth with some magic.

Known Skills and Abilities

Peter is musically talented, and enjoys playing whatever instruments he has available. In combat, Peter prefers to fight hand-to-hand.


He is a fluent native speaker of English.

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Name Peter Cupric
Species Medley
Status Unknown (0)
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