Official Warning

If a player's behavior is deemed to be inappropriate for the game, the GM will issue the player an Official Warning. While in the duration of an Official Warning, the player may be kicked from the game at any point for any further violation.

A non-inclusive list of behaviors that can result in an Official Warning are:

  • OOC harassment of any player in the game
  • OOC offensive language, especially that which is prejudiced (Note: swearing isn't fucking offensive)
  • A third violation of the Next Day Response rule within a single Scene/Episode without extenuating circumstances.

The GM reserves the right to issue Official Warnings as needed for other circumstances not delineated above.

Official Warnings will be issued publicly in the main OOC list for the game.

An Official Warning has a duration of one year. Provided the player has no further violations within that period, the warning will be cleared.

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