Nicolas Freeman

Nicolas Freeman, a.k.a. Tantrum, is a child superhero working with The Strangers.

Physical Description

Nicolas is a small Human boy of gypsy descent, with dark, unruly hair and haunted gray eyes. He looks to be about 10 years old. Nicolas usually wears a hand-me-down long-sleeved shirt and overalls, with a 1940s-era New York Yankees ball cap. Nico is pale, looks to be of Romani descent, and has a tattoo on his right forearm that reads "Z10177."


Tantrum has shown two different personalities. On one hand, he is your normal, happy kid enjoying the carefree life of a child. Other times, he is coldly determined and relentless in dealing with obstacles and enemies before him.


Nico has a subconscious habit of tugging at his right sleeve to conceal his tattoo.

Known History

Based on his linguistic skills and abilities, Nico seems to be from a Super-powered Earth.

Known Skills and Abilities

Nico has not displayed any notable mundane skills, but appears to be a telekinetic of no small power.


Nico is a fluent native speaker of Romani and also a good speaker of English. He also has a basic understanding of Lingua.

Name Nicolas Freeman
Species Human
Status Associate (1)
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