Nick is The Strangers' resident power-armored combatant, highly adept at taking out high-tech foes.

Physical Description

Nick is a Human male of Japanese ancestry. He stands at an even six feet and is built of two hundred pounds of solid muscle. Nick dresses in the finest custom black business suits when he's not wearing his power armor. He also wears black sunglasses and combat boots. He also has extensive tribal tattoos on his left arm.


He is a contradiction; in combat, Nick is calm and collected, almost at home. However, outside of a fight, he can be loud and stand-offish. He always carries an air of badassery. However, he has a strong loyalty streak and is willing to help people out.


Nick is very involved with his personal appearance, and frequently tends to his muscle tone or keeping up his suits.

Known History

Based on his linguistic skills and equipment, Nick appears to be from a high-tech Earth-based universe.

Known Skills and Abilities

He is very adept at power-armored combat. Nick is also a deadly shot with a pistol.


Nick speaks both Japanese and English as a fluent native speaker. He has a basic understanding of Lingua.

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Name Nick
Species Human
Rank Associate (1)
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