Niccolai Caparini

This strange cyborg brings an unusual set of skills to The Strangers.

Physical Description

Niccolai looks like an average Human male with olive skin, curly black hair, and hazel eyes. He's of average height and build, and normally could pass for human if not for his eyes and arm. Though his eyes are a natural color, they always have a distant hawk's gaze that seems to overly focus on whatever Niccolai is looking at. His left arm is even more unusual; built from a strange technology alien to even Nexus, it grants the cyborg an unusual appearance. Niccolai wears comfortable and well-made clothing, though it is not what Humans in Nexus normally wear.


The cyborg is usually quiet, and seems to have a manager's eye about things. He also seems to come off as an old man at times, but also takes a surprising interest in music.


Niccolai is fastidious about his appearance, and takes good care of how he looks. When he has free time, he can usually be found either playing his harmonica or practicing with the strange technologies in his cybernetic arm.

Known History

Not much is known, but it seems like Niccolai is from some sort of technologically-advanced Earth.

Known Skills and Abilities

Aside from his excellent harmonica-playing skills, Niccolai is also a decent shot with energy pistols. His cybernetic arm also seems to have some strange space-warping abilities, including teleportation.


Niccolai is a fluent native speaker of English and Portuguese.

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Name Niccolai Caparini
Species Human
Rank Unknown (0)
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