Nexus is the name of the city residents use to refer to the phenomenon of connected realities that comprise the meta-city. The city itself is an unknown number of years old, and is impossible to estimate geographically. The city is made of chunks of other realities, always urban in nature. They can include such aspects as the high-technology mecca of Babel, the magical empire of Jaffa, or strange constructions like Verite.

Many residents are natives, but there are also a large number of immigrants. This is usually not by choice; people can walk into Nexus without realizing it and find it impossible to get out again. How they adapt - or if they do at all - is up to them.

The nature of Nexan society is always in constant flux. Since realities - whole chunks of the city - phase into and out of Nexus on a regular basis, one can never know for certain what is going on day to day. Fads come and go with fierce rapidity, commodity values rise and fall chaotically, and gods ascend and fade easily.

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