Namir Kassim

This quiet academic seems more interested in his studies than wild adventure, but has demonstrated valuable skills the Strangers can use in their business.

Physical Description

Namir is a very tall Human man who appears to be approaching middle age. He appears to be of Middle Eastern descent, though he speaks with no accent that might be attributed to someone who grew up in those areas. He is very wirey. He tends to wear clothes conducive to working a forge, usually standard earth colored pants and a tunic, though he does have some very fancy robes that he breaks out for formal occasions.


Namir is calm and detached more than anything else. He values reason and logic, and even when directly provoked will not rise to the bait. He sees heated argument as a waste of energy, but will happily engage in academic debate, as it is an excellent way to learn. Namir tends to be respectful of people, but has a barely concealed disdain for those who do not value knowledge or those who he determines are willfully ignorant. He is open-minded and tolerant of most other types of people.


Namir does regular morning exercises that resemble yoga, though he also focuses many of his exercise in martial practice with his spear. Otherwise, Namir seems focused on tinkering and practicing on his art of blacksmithing - when he gets the chance.

Known History

It appears that Namir is from some sort of low-tech reality, though beyond that little is known.

Known Skills and Abilities

Namir is an adequate combatant with a spear, and apparently a blacksmith of some skill.


Namir recently picked up the ability to speak a very broken English.

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Name Namir Kassim
Species Human
Status Unknown (0)
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