The only Robot in The Strangers may not be loved, but sure is necessary at keeping the group fully functioning.

Physical Description

MaKiT is humanoid Robot. It stands roughly 7 foot tall with a thin and lanky frame. MaKit is constructed from metal plates with a repeating ball-joint motif. MaKiT's mouthless head is oval-shaped, with six flat, circular eyes (two large, four small) emerging from the bolted-on faceplate. These eyes are backlit, causing them to lightly glow. Attached to its chin are four long, flexible sensors that frequently move around. On the right side of its chest is a clearly damaged card-slot; on the left, a painted Rod of Asclepius.

MaKiT has two very long and very thin arms utilizing the ball joint motif at the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. Red crosses are painted on the outfacing sides of its upper arms. Its hands are wide, with 4 heavily articulated fingers and a thumb. It has a secondary set of small arms emerging from just above the waist, identical to the primary set in design save only having three fingers and a thumb per hand. MaKiT's feet are composed of a central ball with a sliding 'foot' and 'heel'. MaKiT is painted what was at one time a uniform white that has been scratched and pitted over time. Aside from the aforementioned medical symbols, there is a numerical 3 painted on its forehead. This appears to have been rather more scratched and marred than the rest of the robot's casing.

The Robot wears a flak vest with a police shield and the acronym MRPD on it. It also carries a medical kit, stun baton, and ballistic pistol when in the field.


As a medical robot serving humans, MaKiT has developed a habitual passive-aggressive attitude toward its patients - or potential patients. It is, however, always very interested in and enthusiastic to treat the sick or injured.


When not treating patients, MaKiT is usually researching its profession or performing various experiments to advance its medical knowledge.

Known History

MaKiT's history is unknown, beyond that it is from an English-speaking world with advanced robotics and AI.

Known Skills and Abilities

The Robot is a capable medic. It also carries a firearm and stun baton in combat situations.


MaKiT is a fluent native speaker of English.

Name MaKiT-346
Species Robot
Status Unknown (0)
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