Madoc Araene

Madoc Araene is the quiet one whom you really wouldn't notice amongst the oddities of The Strangers despite being one of the group's leaders.

Physical Description

Madoc is a Human male who wears basic peasant clothes from the medeival era. He's pretty much average; a little scruffy, a little dirty, and pretty unassuming. He doesn't appear to carry any weapons either. He has shoulder length brown hair, pale skin, and gray eyes.


Madoc is very quiet and softspoken. He tends to be indirect when dealing with others, and dislikes answering personal questions. He's usually more willing to follow than lead, and takes orders pretty well.


Madoc doesn't have any really noticable or unusual habits other than that he wears gloves all the time.

Known History

Based on his attire and language skills, Madoc seems to be from a low-tech reality.

Known Skills and Abilities

Madoc has proven himself on at least one occasion to be an incredibly capable knife fighter.


Currently, Madoc is natively fluent in Common, fluent in Elven, and knows a little English and Lingua.

Name Madoc Araene
Species Human
Status Leader (4)
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