Kira Steffanson

Kira's skill with a camera and in a fight are unquestionable, and she adds her own abilities to the menagerie that is The Strangers.

Physical Description

Kira is a Human woman of average height and weight, but is almost a ghost; she has pale skin, platinum hair, and ice-blue eyes. Her hair is always tied back into a long braid that goes down past her waist. She usually wears jeans and a t-shirt, along with a leather jacket and biker boots. The only accessories Kira usually has on her are her camera bag and tripod.


She comes off as fun and good-natured, and concerned for the welfare of those around her. She is an avid photographer, though, and focuses intently on her craft when she's behind the lens.


Kira is an avid newspaper reader and seems very interested in sports.

Known History

Her background is generally unknown. Based on what's known of her, she seems to be from a version of modern Earth.

Known Skills and Abilities

Kira has displayed some abilities of a shape-shifter, taking the form of a wolf and wolf-woman. She is also an accomplished photographer.


She is a fluent native speaker of English.

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Name Kira Steffanson
Species Human
Title Unknown (0)
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