Kalisha BloodPaw

The erratic shaman known as Kalisha BloodPaw brings the chaos of her life to the Strangers, an already chaotic group.

Physical Description

Kalisha is Human] of Caucasian/American Indian mix. Her features take very strongly after her mother, who was Navajo. She stands about 5'8”, and is built well proportioned. She's not overly muscular, but she's no slouch either. She's got mismatched eyes – the left one is bright green, and the right is hazel. All of the hair on the left side of her head has been braided into 8 long, intricate braids, complete with feathers, beads and tribal jewelry, and each of the braids is dyed a different shade of vivid neon blue, teal, purple or pink. The braids are fairly lengthy, dropping well past her waist if they're down, but she tends to wear them coiled up on the side of her head. The rest of her hair has been cropped short, falling just past her ears, and is dyed a slightly less neon shade of teal with white-blonde tips.

Her normal day to day outfit is low-cut jeans, black military boots, some variety of sleeveless t-shirt, and an ornate brown soft leather vest. The vest is very American Indian, covered with bead-work and designs across the back. She has a seven-pointed star about half an inch in diameter tattooed on the crest of her right cheekbone, and she has a tribal pattern sleeve tattoo on her upper left arm and shoulder – it starts at the point of her shoulder and goes half way down her bicep. In the center of the shoulder sleeve is a band of characters that are programmed to cycle through a list of about 2000 random phrases, but are integrated into the tattoo itself.

She carries a brown leather satchel/”medicine bag” that has the general appearance of a messenger bag riding on her hip and slung from the opposite shoulder.


Bubbly, bouncy, perky, and damned annoying at times! She can be very much Coyote – totally unable to walk away from a possible prank, and when she's not on the job she can be a flighty airhead and totally distracted. On the job though, she's got much more focus, though she still suffers from the insatiable need to pull pranks. So far none of her foibles have gotten any of her teammates hurt, but it could easily happen some day.

She's a street punk, so she can be prissy, snotty, and full of herself when she gets into the mood.


Kalisha is a music and adrenaline junkie, and the two don't necessarily compete. Otherwise, she's a social butterfly and loves hanging out with whomever is around.

Known History

Kalisha seems to come from a strange reality that has both high technology (including advanced firearms) and magic.

Known Skills and Abilities

The shaman is a well-versed magic user and not too shabby with a gun, either.


Kalisha speaks a strange variant of English which is understandable after some thought.

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Name Kalisha BloodPaw
Species Human
Status Unknown (0)
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