Jasper Bell

This dead priest's quest for the afterlife has instead brought him to the unusual city of Nexus, where he has teamed up with The Strangers.

Physical Description

Jasper typically appears - when he does so - as a somber, grey-eyed Caucasian priest in full black robes, with boyish features and a wreath of tawny curls. His transparency varies, usually depending on how focused he is. But he has an open, honest face, which tended to make him instantaneously trusted in life.


The only pacifist in the company, Jasper is also a compassionate and caring individual. He has an honest air about him and comes across as caring and interested in the problems of others.


Jasper seems to spend most of his time just watching people, though he also spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to interact with the physical world again.

Known History

His history is largely unknown at this point, but based on his nature and linguistic abilities, he appears to be from a modern-day Earth with supernatural elements.

Known Skills and Abilities

Jasper's nature is primarily defined by his ghost nature. While it's unknown what mundane skills he might have, he has demonstrated an ability to interfere with electronic systems, including the Harvesters.


Jasper is a fluent native speaker if English.

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Name Jasper Bell
Species Human Ghost
Status Unknown (0)
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