The Strangers' resident Nezumi, storyteller, and sorcerer.

Physical Description

Ikm'jak'ki'tik looks like an average Nezumi. She is a short, slim humanoid rat, shorter than the average Human woman. She wears traveller's clothes: breeches, a shirt, and a belt, all in greys and browns. When she removes the large straw hat she wears, a spout of brown hair shoots out from her head. Her eyes are large and black.


Ikm'jak'ki'tik regards Humans with a mixture of caution and curiosity. With strangers, she is friendly and often will invite them to enjoy whatever fun she is having at the moment.

This fun can be rather mundane—she is very easily amused. She will make a toy of nearly anything, often creating stories as she plays. When she can, she punctuates those stories with the few spells she knows.

With people she is familiar with, she can be very affectionate and chatty. She speaks Common quickly and oddly, as do many Nezumi. She has a tendency to reduplicate words, especially verbs. Her sentences are laced with clicks and squeaks as well.

If she really trusts a person, she will give them a talisman that she has created herself.


If she's nervous, Ikm'jak'ki'tik will pull at her ear. She frequently cracks her knuckles, often at odd times.

She isn't used to eating regular meals, so she's constantly looking for food and will eat anything she can find that looks edible. She does have taste, though, and she won't eat certain foods, like rotting meat.

And, of course, she prefers moving around by night as opposed to by day. She dislikes sunlight greatly and avoids it whenever possible. If she does have to move around during the day, she will be sluggish and tired, often on the verge of complaining.

Known History

Little is known of Ikm'jak'ki'tik. Based on her linguistic and magical skills, it seems like she is from a high-magic, low-tech reality.

Known Skills and Abilities

Ikm'jak'ki'tik is known to possess some minor magical skill. She can also create a few magical talismans. She is also an adept storyteller.


Ikm'jak'ki'tik speaks Nezumi as a fluent native. She also has some understanding of Common, Lingua, and English.

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Name Ikm'jak'ki'tik
Species Nezumi
Title Member (2)
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