H.A. Cidd

H.A. Cidd is The Strangers' resident mad scientist and wielder of strange powers and insight.

Physical Description

The man known as H.A. Cidd looks young, but has lived a rough life. He is thin and gaunt, and his features are not attractive by any measure. Stringy and thin white hair dangle unkempt from his head. H.A. Cidd usually wears a disheveled lab coat, combat boots, and goggles.


Cidd has many odd mannerisms and unusual speech patterns that easily put others off. He also tends to be condescending, elitist, and dismissive.


He is usually so deeply involved in his work that he ignores other activities.

Known History

Little is known of H.A. Cidd's background, but based on his linguistic and technical skills and unusual abilities, he may be from a universe of Supers.

Known Skills and Abilities

Cidd has a very good understanding of science and technology, at least based on his home universe's principles. In combat, he has displayed several unusual abilities.


H.A. Cidd is a fluent native speaker of English. He also has a basic understanding of Lingua and Common.

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Name H.A. Cidd
Species Human
Status Associate (1)
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