The strange little man known as Fizziwig brings an even more unusual set of skills to The Strangers.

Physical Description

Fizziwig is a tiny man with an almost childlike appearance. If it weren't for his enormous blond mustache, there would be little clue as to his true nature. His hair sits like a mop on top of his head, but it's usually covered by a cap with a large, colorful feather in it. He wears the clothing of an antiquated merchant. One very notable characteristic Fizziwig possesses is that his left eye has been replaced by an opal.


He always wears a big grin and is very jovial. Though his attention seems to wander at times, Fizziwig seems to have a sharp mind and keen eye for money.


Fizziwig occasionally tugs at his wide mustache. When in a bind, he tends to play with a pair of dice he keeps on him.

Known History

Not much is known of Fizziwig's background, but he appears to be from a low-tech high-magic fantasy realm.

Known Skills and Abilities

Fizziwig uses a bow in combat with moderate proficiency. He has not displayed any other talents thus far.


He has a basic understanding of English.

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Name Fizziwig
Species Kaukis
Status Unknown (0)
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