Exchange Street Warehouse

This is the The Strangers' starting site. It was acquired, for free, when the first four were rescued from the Harvesters.


This is the outside view of the warehouse:

And the view from the front:

The warehouse office:
There are four bunk beds in the office with the following pairings:

Bunk Location Top Bunk Lower Bunk
Upper Left Peter Cupric Dmitri Ilyanovich Golshenkrov
Upper Right Niccolai Caparini Kira Steffanson
Lower Left Fizziwig Travis Fordum
Lower Right Ikm'jak'ki'tik Alex Lightway

The bathroom shower:

The bathroom and adjacent gym set:

The dining area and added beds:
Featuring a pallet full of water bottles and beds for H.A. Cidd and Nick.

The mailbox area with note board:
All currently-recognized employees of The Strangers have a mailbox.

The currently posted notes on the board at the Exchange Street Warehouse are: the Strangers' rules, a note about training, a note about promotions, a message from Nick, as well as another.

Company Site
Location Angel City
Size Large
Facilities Med Barracks (8) Small Gym (1)
# of Employees 0
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