Downtime is the period between Episodes that comprises most of a character's life.

Here's how Downtime works:

  • You can do things during Downtime. This includes training, purchasing or crafting goods, or other activities. Please refer to the guide How to file a Downtime report.
  • All characters who are Live also earn a monthly salary. The base salary is 1650/month and is paid on the first of each month, starting after the character is officially a member of The Strangers. Some characters have Advantages that affect their income level. You'll want to email the GM to determine what currency you want your salary in. Downtime is also the time you use to convert currencies.
  • During the Downtime period between Episodes, characters have ten healing checks. This can be modified based on Advantages, Disadvantages, or other effects on the character.

Characters are assumed to do enough minor jobs during Downtime that there's money coming in to pay wages and cover the company's expenses. If people do not want to do side-jobs during Downtime to save a downtime action, please notify the GM.

Characters have as many Downtime actions in a month equal to their lowest Attribute. Remember that one is assumed to be used to complete Downtime jobs.

There's plenty more you can do with Downtime too, this is just the basics. Email the GM if you want to do anything else and we'll get it worked out.

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