Dmitri Ilyanovich Golshenkrov

"The Bear" is a jovial and friendly man, willing to get into a scrap with any of his compatriots in The Strangers.

Physical Description

A large Human Caucasian male, Dmitri also looks like he's prematurely aged. He has a lot of muscle, but it lacks definition. He is otherwise unkempt, with a long rough beard and hair. Dmitri wears a trademark light-blue metal breastplate emblazoned with a bear along with several skins and furs.


Dmitri is a big, jovial man who seems to live life to the fullest. He fights hard, drinks hard, and sleeps hard. Though he can be boorish at times, he is usually friendly and outgoing. He has a soft spot for alcohol, pretty women, and children. As good-natured as he is, he does tend to be a little slow on the uptake.


He doesn't seem to have many habits beyond drinking.

Known History

Not much is known of Dmitri's history, but based on his linguistic skills and the equipment he arrived with, he seems to have come from a low-tech, high-magic reality where Common was the primary language.

Known Skills and Abilities

Dmitri is an incredibly accomplished bare-knuckle fighter. He has not yet displayed any other talents.


The only language Dmitri has used thus far is Common.

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Name Dmitri Ilyanovich Golshenkrov
Species Human
Status Unknown (0)
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