Character Creation

Players may create any character from any setting they wish. The character creation process comprises a few steps:

  1. Player writes up the character's sheet from its native system/setting.
  2. Player creates a gmail account for the character with the character's name as the alias.
  3. Player emails the character sheet via the character email account to the GM.
  4. GM adds the character email to the google group.
  5. Player completes the Character Questionnaire available in the Files section and emails the completed Questionnaire to the GM.
  6. GM converts the character to a Nexus character sheet, balanced to 150 character points.
  7. GM and player negotiate the conversion until both parties accept it.
  8. Any unspent character points at character creation are converted to experience points.
  9. GM introduces the new character into the game via an introductory Episode.
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