Alex Lightway

Among The Strangers, Alex Lightway is a soldier of great experience and strangely precognitive sniper.

Physical Description

Alex is a Caucasian Human woman of average height, but packed from head to toe with lean muscle. Her skin is tanned and her eyes are vibrant green. She wears her long brown hair back in a braid, and is also usually seen wearing a gray tank top and black military pants.


Alexandra is very by-the-book and serious. When she is on duty, she doesn’t allow for any slacking. However, in private, she does loosen up. While she won’t socialize with those under her command, she has been known to get drunk enough to pass out.


She still follows a strict military regimen. One of the first Strangers up in the morning, she spends most of her morning in physical training. When not on a job, she spends most of her day developing her soldiering skills. And like most military people, she goes to bed early.

Known History

Most of her background is unknown, but based on her linguistic skills, training, and equipment, Alex appears to be from an English-speaking futuristic society.

Known Skills and Abilities

Alex is a well-trained soldier. Aside from that, she seems to have some sort of gift for translating some languages.


Alex is a fluent native speaker of English.

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Name Alex Lightway
Species Human
Status Unknown (0)
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