Next Day Response

In any scene or Episode with multiple players, players are expected to post frequently and in a timely fashion in order to keep the RP moving along. This rule is colloquially referred to as "The Next Day Rule."

There are multiple aspects to this rule:

  • At the beginning of any scene or Episode, players are expected to work out a posting order by posting and sticking to the order of original posts.
  • A player may not post again until all other players have had a chance to post (except as below).
  • If a player has not posted in a timely fashion when their turn comes up in the posting order, then the succeeding player may post without waiting further.

A "timely fashion" for a post is defined by the Next Day. When a player's turn comes up in rotation, they have until Midnight (CDT) the next day to post their response.

If you are posting after a player who skipped their posting turn, you do not need to wait for them. Only note after your post in an OOC section that you are skipping the person per the Next Day Rule. Players are expected to help enforce this rule.

Players who expect to be unable to participate in any scenes they are involved with should email the GM and other players they are in a scene with with appropriate notice.

If a player fails to respond once in a scene or Episode within their designated posting window (without notice), they will be warned. Two failures to post in a scene or Episode within their designated posting window will result in the character being docked XP at the conclusion of their current scene or Episode. If a player skips posting three times, they will be docked XP immediately and removed from the scene or Episode. They will also receive an Official Warning. Players of characters still in Prelude or Introduction who fail to post three times will instead be removed from the game.

Note: players can be granted leniency regarding this rule in the case of real-life circumstances. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to contact the GM.

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